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Villa Bruna B&B

and safety for the health

We apply the norms and guidelines of the National and Regional Protocol (Emilia-Romagna) against the spread of the virus Covid-19.

Besides, we follow the guidelines of the National Institute of Health (I.S.S.) and of the association "Nazionale delle Imprese di Disinfestazione" (A.N.I.D.).

Moreover, three good reasons that make Villa Bruna an excellent choice for your holidays 2021

1) Few rooms and wide spaces
Thanks to the reduced number of rooms available (just 3) e and the wide dimension of our mansion (more than 300 mqs), our B&B allows the guests to respect very well the standards of social distancing that are necessary to prevent Covid19.

2) Inside the mansion is like to be outside
The numerous entrance doors and wide windows of rooms and corridors

are always open. Then, in our B&B there is an excellent aeration and a constant air exchange in every room and at any time.

3) Freedom and garden

Villa Bruna B&B offers a huge garden, that surround the whole mansion, where it is possible to take a walk, to play with children, or to relax on the sitting places that are available in several points of the area.

Besides, for any other information contact us.
We are here for you! 

*Al costo del pernottamento va aggiunta la tassa di soggiono di 1 euro per notte per adulto (applicabile solo durante il periodo 1 maggio - 30 settembre e per un massimo di 7 notti) e 2 euro per la marca da bollo della ricevuta (per importi superiori ai 77,47 euro)

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